Venue Service Usability and Scalability

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High-level ideas regarding venues and the CXP UI

  • A shortcoming of the current implementation of venues and of the CXP UI is the fixed "flat" organization and display of venues. We would like to enable more usable and scalable ways of representing venues.
    • A venue service may publish static venues with an explicit heirarchical organization
    • The user should be able to manage venues of interest using "favorites" folders
    • The CXP UI may permit easily navigating through venues published by multiple servers semi-transparently.
  • The Venue server should have integrated scheduling, or should be able to interact with an external scheduling agent
  • The venue server should be able to manage a set of venues to be dynamically assigned upon request.
  • The venue server should be able to apply authorization constraints to various actions
  • The Venue concept is currently limited to a name, a multicast address and a port number. We will likely want to expand the concept to account for the possibilty that future venues may send different streams and different media types on different addresses, or use multiple ports. We anticipate that this functionality may be desirable in support of proposed bandwidth scaling enhancements.