Miscellaneous Features and Suggestions

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  • CXP Presentation Capability should be able to save slide images with ink.
  • Compressed video using a DV camera via firewire input does not work in ConferenceXP if Windows Media 11 is installed. It still works with Windows Media 10. (Reported by José Feghali)
  • It would be good if the "professional" WMA codec could be made to work with multichannel audio and low latency. (Suggested by José Feghali)
  • Currently Windows Media Playback can only play file on the local machine. It would be useful if it could also play content streamed from other (http, mms, etc.) sources. (Suggested by Francisco Cruz).
  • Evaluate the space at the junction of CXP and Silverlight: Could we implement a full Silverlight conferencing client? On the surface, a Silverlight archive playback tool in the style of WebViewer, seems easy to implement. What about silverlight playback in CXP?
  • Integrate CXP with Shared View. I assume that this would mean that the CXP UI would be used to launch the session, and communicate with others in the venue that they could connect with the shared document. Shared View looks interesting (after two minutes of playing with it) - I haven't tried sharing ink from a Tablet yet!