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High-level thoughts on node management

In this topic, we consider how to make things easier for node operators. The topic might include improvements to setup, configuration, device support, or it may include help for specific usage scenarios.

  • Window placement. Currently there are two standard window placement options in ConferenceXP. We would like to permit more flexible automatic placement and window sizing. The screen layout could use a set of standard and user-customizable templates, and could allow a node operator to persist a current layout. The design should handle situations where there are multiple displays, and should be able to persist specific conference participants and particular remote and local cameras to places in the layout.
  • Remote node operation: Currently if a node is running on Windows Server, we can do remote management using Server's remote console facility. This feature is not available in Windows Vista or XP. We would like more advanced remote management capablilities which will work under any OS. Example functionality includes:
    • start and stop ConferenceXP
    • join/leave a venue
    • move and resize video windows
    • adjust inbound and outbound audio levels
    • configure services
    • start/stop an archive recording
    • camera pan/tilt/zoom control
  • Asynchronous node operation: Currently we can start ConferenceXP in a particular venue from a batch file, and use Windows scheduled tasks to launch it. There may be usage scenarios that would benefit from additional scripting capablilities. For example:
    • Start and run in a particular venue for NN minutes, then quit.
    • Options for more flexibly predefined window placement using multiple displays.