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    The current release of ConferenceXP is here.

ConferenceXP 5.0 Release

We are pleased to announce the ConferenceXP 5.0 release.  The significant new features are:

  • Diagnostics: The diagnostic service provides client visibility into network-level statistics to aid in finding problem points
  • Security: Two security modes have been added. The Weak mode uses a password to prevent accidental venue use. The Strong mode uses the password to create a symmetric encryption key, and all stream data is encrypted with the key.
  • NAT-friendly Reflector: The 5.0 Reflector supports multiple clients behind a single NAT device.
  • Multi-Reflector: Multiple reflectors can be configured to work together to improve scaling for large numbers of unicast clients.
  • Audio Improvements: DirectShow buffering modifications permit PCM uncompressed mono and stereo audio, and synchronization tuning. Higher quality compressed formats have also been added.

For more information, see What's new in ConferenceXP 5.0 and Installation Notes


ConferenceXP Services for x86

ConferenceXP Services for x64

ConferenceXP Help

ConferenceXP Source Code

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