ConferenceXP Project Governance

Governance Model

The project currently uses a governance model derived from the "Benevolent Dictator Governance Model". That is, the project has currently a single developer who makes the final decisions regarding the main fork. A community of users (mostly non-developers) actively contributes new project ideas, helps test and document the project, and helps support other users.

Roles And Responsibilities

Project Lead

The project lead attempts to understand the needs of the community, and satisfy as many needs as possible, while ensuring that the project survives in the long term.

Outercurve Foundation staff consider the project lead primary point of contact or first point of contact for the project for purposes of business operations including domain registrations, and technical services (e.g. code-signing).


Contributors are community members who contribute code to the project.

NOTE: before a contributor's first patch is put into the repository they must sign a Contributor License Agreement or an assignment agreement. The patch can be submitted and discussed but it can't actually be committed to the repository without the appropriate paperwork in place.

How to become one: Email to coordinate with the project lead about your contributions, or contribution proposals. We would love to hear from you.


Users are community members who have a need for the project. Without them, the project would have no purpose.

Users should be encouraged to participate in the life of the project and the community as much as possible. Common user activities include (but are not limited to):

  • advocating for use of the project
  • informing developers of project strengths and weaknesses from a new user's perspective
  • writing documentation and tutorials
  • filing bug reports and feature requests
  • participating on the forums
How to become one: Use ConferenceXP. Communicate with the project lead and other community members about your experiences, positive or negative. You may do this using the forums or directly via email.

Points of contact: